Your Business Has Positions That Can Be Easily Outsourced!

Sales support, online store management, customer service, administration, bookkeeping, software and app development, website and social media management… the list goes on. HireAway tasks outside your core competency and start saving 60% or more TODAY!



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We keep it simple to HireAway

We make it easy to outsource with HireAway. Our assessment and on-boarding process is efficient enough for us to safely make the guarantee of going live within 30 days!


You receive a fully furnished desk equipped with computer and peripherals, high-speed internet, and total employee management including payroll. We provide you with talented candidates that will be trained with your own instructions and managed with your own metrics. Estimated costs all in starting at $5.75 per hour.
“We are paying a minimum of $19.50 per hour and that is for someone with minimum experience and not necessarily a University Education - and that does not even include overhead. At HireAway we get an experienced customer service employee who has a BA degree and speaks perfect English” Israel Ellis, Stay at Blue Mountain
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Hire a skill set that matches your requirements for the services you need. We have created a Managed Services solution that is completely turn-key industry-specific. Pay only for what you use based on your size of opportunity. Vacation rental, Amazon Sellers, Executive Assistants, Outbound Callers.

“ I have used HireAway as a cost effective alternative to managing Amazon accounts for my clients” Clint of Brand Focus Digital

No matter the size of your business, we all know the stress and complications that come with being overwhelmed. So why not ease the load? Whether you are an executive or support staff, everyone can gain from professional and personalized help. With the ability to go live in a matter of hours, your virtual assistant will have an immediate impact on your appointment setting, calendar management, call logs, reservations, and anything else weighing you down. In fact, your educated and capable virtual assistant can do everything but pick up your dry cleaning for you!
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QUESTION: How much are your employees costing you?

Including overhead, health insurance and government. Cost per employee starts at between $40,000 - $60,000 + and that is just base costs for starting positions. Hiring and managing these positions are all standardized functions within your company.

Savings starting at

1 %
1 $

1. Free Assessment

Through a personalized interview process, we will ask you about the nature of your business and what you want to achieve with HireAway. This leads into a detailed position description. The assessment is a collaborative effort so we will work with you until we find a solution that feels right for you.

2. Recruitment

The recruitment process is simple. Based on your need and job description, we connect you with potential employees from our offices that will allow you to experience the benefits of outsourcing. Once you find the right fit(s) for your business, then we begin onboarding.

3 . Onboarding

Now that you have completed the recruitment process, you will be ready to onboard your HireAway employee. This is the same process as it would otherwise be in your own work place. If you have a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document, then that's great - if not, we can help you build one.


HireAway for Vacation Rental Social Media Amazon Sellers Customer Service App Development

“We have an entire team of individuals who can take on your project and support you to the finish line and beyond. Why are we so certain that HireAway will work for you? Because We’ve done it. We have built a 10+ million dollar company fully supported by offshore customer service, tech support, sales, accounting, and executive assistants. You can HireAway Today and expand your company while increasing your profit margins against fixed costs”

Jason Rubinoff
365 Investment Partners

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Increase Your Revenues
Increasing efficiency outside of your core competency is the most important thing you could do to maintain the authenticity of your business while maximizing your output. Here's a great example. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is all about contact, but your current team can't be on standby 24/7 to answer calls and take notes. By hiring a well trained and competent team overseas, you will increase the availability and quality of your customer service and sales support, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Decrease Your Costs
Including overhead, health insurance, and government... how much do you spend per domestic employee? We've done the math, and base costs alone typically start between $40,000 - $60,000 annually! Now what if we told you that we could help you save more than half of that amount on average for every person you HireAway? Get your FREE business assessment with one of our outsourcing specialists, and we'll help you onboard and train an educated and experienced professional of your choice within 2 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

From $5.75 per hour you will receive a fully furnished desk equipped with a chair, a computer, peripherals, high speed internet, and total employee management including payroll. There are no hidden fees. We are completely transparent and accountable to you. This is your employee in every way, we just take all the risks and headaches.

No! That is the advantage to HireAway. You can onboard as few or as many employees as you require. It’s easy to add or subtract as necessary. You can also join our shared resources program which provides part time or pooled support services.

– Complete the contact form so we can connect with you.
– We will conduct an over the phone interview to understand your needs, answer any questions, and provide you with recommendations.
– We will send you a proposal to sign so we can move forward with the HireAway process.
– Once we have your employee description and requirements, we will provide you with the best options. We will advise you on compensation and negotiate on your behalf. Recruitment process can take up to 2 weeks.
– You confirm your employee choice and we manage the NDA and onboarding process.
– Arrange for training – you can provide SOP and train your new team member.
– Go live. This is just like any other employee start. You can go live in as little as 2 weeks. For less technical requirements we have customer service and support resources standing by that can start almost immediately.
– Live mode. We follow the 3 HireAway M’s with you: Manage, Monitor, Maintain.

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