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When you HireAway you get Quality people who work directly for you.

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At Hireaway we strive to offer high quality people who can work for you. Hireaway offers perfect English speaking individuals, University Educated, Motivated, Low turnover.

HireAway's Story

how it all began

In 2012 when I became CEO of AdvancePro I was faced with a need to scale the customer technical support. One of my employees at the time came to me with the idea to hire his friend who was in the same Karate club from his home town. “Mr. Ellis, trust me – he’s a smart educated guy and he will learn quick” It started with one outsourced technical support desk overseas in the Philippines and since then have grown our office to over 50 technical, customer and administrative support people in our own office for our Inventory Management Software company www.advanceprotech.com

We started to outsource our reservation desk overseas very shortly after we launched to our vacation real estate company www.stayatbluemountain.com. We have been very successful at growing our own businesses with dedicated, hard-working resources at a fraction of the cost of what it would have cost us domestically. 

We started getting asked by friends and business owners within our network to host desks in our offices from them. Why not? They can see the incredible savings and effectiveness of our team. They wanted to take advantage of what we figured out. We soon outgrew our offices and moved to a state of the art facility with high-speed fibre optic internet access. And that is when we decided to share what we have learned with you.

HireAway adopts the KISS method of doing business. We provide a desk and computer in a well managed environmentally comfortable and safe environment – we will recruit to your specifications. HireAway manages all employment compliance and payroll. The employee works for you just like your domestic employees. We will show you how easy it is to HireAway. You can build your team at your pace and downgrade as you need

With the money we saved in our own companies we have managed to invest and grow faster. But its not only about saving money – we found out that it’s about increasing sales and customer satisfaction which equals greater profits. With more qualified and educated people handling our customer service stations we were able to increase customer support, sales, and guest services to 24/7. No hold times. Every person gets great attention. We started selling more software and booking more vacation rental properties. And on top of that our customer loyalty increased because simply, customers were having better experiences with us.

The way we have set up the company is that we can provide you with fractional support options as in our managed services and full-time support. You can start with 1 desk and go from there. It’s all very simple, fluid, and you can be set up fast.

Now that we have created HireAway we can show you how to do the same thing we’ve done. Talk to us about your business and we will show you how outsourcing that makes complete sense is done. Join the journey! 

Israel Ellis & Jason Rubinoff

Have any Questions?


We are here to help you and will respond to your questions when you complete the contact form. You can also find most answers to your questions right on this page.

From $5.75 per hour you will receive a fully furnished desk equipped with a chair, a computer, peripherals, high speed internet, and total employee management including payroll. There are no hidden fees. We are completely transparent and accountable to you. This is your employee in every way, we just take all the risks and headaches.

No! That is the advantage to HireAway. You can onboard as few or as many employees as you require. It’s easy to add or subtract as necessary. You can also join our shared resources program which provides part time or pooled support services.

– Complete the contact form so we can connect with you.
– We will conduct an over the phone interview to understand your needs, answer any questions, and provide you with recommendations.
– We will send you a proposal to sign so we can move forward with the HireAway process.
– Once we have your employee description and requirements, we will provide you with the best options. We will advise you on compensation and negotiate on your behalf. Recruitment process can take up to 2 weeks.
– You confirm your employee choice and we manage the NDA and onboarding process.
– Arrange for training – you can provide SOP and train your new team member.
– Go live. This is just like any other employee start. You can go live in as little as 2 weeks. For less technical requirements we have customer service and support resources standing by that can start almost immediately.
– Live mode. We follow the the 3 HireAway M’s with you: Manage, Monitor, Maintain.

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We have an entire team of individuals who can take on your project and support you to the finish line and beyond.

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