John Paul

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Educational Background
Computer Science & Information Technology University of Saint LaSalle (Bacolod City) 2010 -2014
  • Efficient in written and oral communication
  • using English language
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Application
  • Good organizational skills
  • Can work under pressure
  • Can work with less supervision
  • Have good time management
Writing Sample

1.The tracking says my package was delivered but it never arrived

We apologize if you have not received your item as indicated.
What you can do:
Check with others in your house that may have accepted it.
In rare cases, package may show as ‘delivered’ but could take additional 24 hours.

2.Why do I need to pay duty fees?

Paying the right amount of duty and tax is a social responsibility to the country. The duties we pay from importing goods has the purpose of protecting our country’s economy, residents, local jobs, environment and so on.

3. I am a size x in brand y, what size would you say I am in brand z?

It’s great that you know your size from that brand. So what we’re going to check is if you also have the same size for both brands since usually sizes arent really the same for most brands. Before we place the order, let’s check first the sizing for both and we’ll check from there, okay?

4. I don’t care that the discount code is expired it was offered to me and I should be able to use it.

I apologize for this and I understand how you would want to use this discount code but unfortunately this code already expired and can no longer be applied. How about I find you a better deal that could still help you get a discount?

5. It is unacceptable that my package has not arrived yet, I want to send it back. (We can’t send it back, you need to return it yourself).

I apologize that you have to go through this hassle but here’s what we can do for you;
First is you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the order to arrive. I understand how upsetting it must be to wait for a package and not receive it within the expected date. If it still hasn’t arrived after the timeframe, you can also file a claim 3 days after the maximum estimated delivery date or 30 days after the order date, whichever is earlier.
Second is, we can ship a replacement order and once the original order arrives, you can have it returned back to us.
You can also contact the shipping courier if an order is lost in transit or shipped to the wrong address, sometimes you can get help from your shipping carrier.

Job Title
Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Representative Teleperformance August 2020 -December 2020
  • Customer Service Representative Sykes Inc. February 2019 – June 2019
  • Sales Representative IQOR (Amerimark, Dr Leonards & Customer Service) June 2019 – December 2019
  • Customer Service Representative (Technical) Panasiatic Solutions (Tracfone, Safelink & Back Office) June 2015 – November 2018
Starting from USD 1500 per month

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