Ruby Jane

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Educational Background
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Filamer Christian University 2016
  • Multi tasking
  • Can handle graveyard shift
  • Tech savy
  • Ability to anticipate the needs of the others with strong desire to serve
Writing Sample
Customer complains about the price increase and that it is too expensive. How would you respond?Hi, Madame/sir!Sorry for your frustration about this issue. I am really doing my best for you to understand that as the demand of goods increases, it also affects the supply. We can assure that when the price increases, the quality are also getting better.Customer message: I was sent 8″x8″ containers instead of the 10″x10″ that I ordered. How would you respond? Please provide steps of action for when it is the wrong item and when it is the correct item.We are really sorry for the inconvenience. We understand and experience like this can be very upsetting. We will take full responsibility for this. Please provide us the details of you chosen item. We will resend you new products immediately. We provided you a discount for the compensation of the mistake we have made. Thank you!Customer message: Please explain why my order was supposed to be delivered today but it has not shipped? This is very discouraging. I have ordered numerous times and never have had a problem until now. I pay for this service to be guaranteed a product by a certain time frame. How would you respond?Dear Customer, Thank you for your recent order from our shop. This is frustrating on your end. We are very sorry for the inconvenience though we are not in control of the shipment. I will provide you an option if you would like to cancel your order or a full refund. I will take an immediate follow up and contact the shipping carrier for the shipment of your item if you wish to wait a bit longer. Thank you!Customer message: Box is completely damaged. Was covered by plastic. Cups are exposed. Cant use them. Need to return. How would you respond?Dear customer,Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have return policy to be followed. Please send us a proof of your damaged item and we will check the validity of the order so we can provide you a compensation and give you back your full refund. If you wish to have an option, just let me know. Thank you!Customer wants to return an order that is past our 30 day return policy. How would you respond?Hi! Thank you for reaching out. We are here to help you! Please accept our apologies for your disappointment in your item. We have policies what items can be returned and the timeframe over which returns are accepted. Unfortunately, we have informed you about 30 day return policy. It is our loss of profit if we will disregard the policy that has been made. I will take an action for this and i will update as soon as possible you about this issue. Thank you!
Job Title
Customer Service Representative, Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant Amazon 2022
  • ESL – (English Teacher WFH) ACADSOC 2020-2021
  • English as Second Language Teacher Petra Academy – Roxas City 2017 to 2018
  • Front Office Associate Island Hotel Pueblo 2017
  • Medical Clerk Alert Medical Clinic – Boracay 2016
Starting from USD 1500 per month

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