Seat Leasing

You receive a fully furnished desk equipped with computer and peripherals, high-speed internet, and total employee management including payroll. We provide you with talented candidates that will be trained with your own instructions and managed with your own metrics. Estimated costs all in starting at $5.75 per hour.

“We are paying a minimum of $19.50 per hour and that is for someone with minimum experience and not necessarily a University Education – and that does not even include overhead. At HireAway we get an experienced customer service employee who has a BA degree and speaks perfect English”

Israel Ellis, Stay at Blue Mountain

Managed Services

Hire a skill set that matches your requirements for the services you need. We have created a Managed Services solution that is completely turn-key industry-specific. Pay only for what you use based on your size of opportunity.

  • Vacation rental,
  • Amazon Sellers,
  • Executive Assistants,
  • Outbound Callers.

“ I have used HireAway as a cost effective alternative to managing Amazon accounts for my clients” 

Clint of Brand Focus Digital

No matter the size of your business, we all know the stress and complications that come with being overwhelmed. So why not ease the load? Whether you are an executive or support staff, everyone can gain from professional and personalized help. With the ability to go live in a matter of hours, your virtual assistant will have an immediate impact on your appointment setting, calendar management, call logs, reservations, and anything else weighing you down. In fact, your educated and capable virtual assistant can do everything but pick up your dry cleaning for you!

Why Pay More When You Can

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